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8 Article Writing Ideas For Article Marketing

Written By Griya Grosir on Monday, March 14, 2011 | 10:52 AM

If you just started an internet home business, you should know that article marketing is one of the best tool there is to build your business and drive constant traffic to your website or blog. If you already working online, you probably use article marketing as one of your methods for promoting you products and as many other marketers, you straggle with to find new article writing ideas for your next good article and you always search for more article writing ideas for better article marketing.

Here are 8 article writing tips for article writing:

1. The most familiar way is keyword research. Use different keyword tools such as Google keyword tool or wordtraker to do a keyword search and find long keyword phrases with good search count and low competition. Once you find a list of keywords build your new article around those keywords, placing them in the article title, first paragraph and at least once more in the last paragraph. Don't forget to hyperlink it to your website in the resource box.

2. Check your website or blog status to see which keywords people use to find your website at the search engines and use these exact keywords in your next article or blog post.

3. Find ideas in blog comments. If you have visitors commenting on your blog or if you read a good comment on other people blog, use it as an inspiration and make it into a complete article.

4. The same rule applies when you go to forum posting. You can find some very good ideas when reading people questions on forums. The idea can come to you from a thread title or from one of the comments posted on this thread. Many internet marketers ask the same questions on many different forums and just from a simple answer you may start a full article.

5. Get article writing ideas from your downline questions. If you have a participating downline that communicate with you and ask questions you gen answer them and write a blog post or article about it and use it as a reference for them to go and read. This way you will have the answer already written for the next people who ask you the same question.

6. Read other people blogs and article to find inspiration and ideas for article subjects and keywords. Find the ideas in the article and write your own article on the subject. Don't copy the article without giving credit, think how you feel if it was the other way around and remember the search engines don't like it too.

7. Find good article writing ideas in photos and images. Many times just an image online can inspires you and you will find a title or a subject for a new article, this is a good way to trigger your mind when you are blocked.

8. Just start writing. Don't do a research, stop thinking about the search engines and just write without stopping until you finish the article. So it may not be optimized for the search engines but it has a topic and an order and it flows and it is important for your readers and it can get you the same results, since this is a unique content ant the search engines loves unique content. Your article can be optimized at any time.

The bottom line is that you can find article writing ideas everywhere you look, you just have to look for it and It's not that hard, and if you still have writers block go for a walk, watch TV or do something joyful, disconnect yourself from the computer and clear your mind and it will come to you.

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