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Secrets: How to get Information about new Products?

Written By Griya Grosir on Tuesday, March 8, 2011 | 5:08 PM

There are a lot of ways to make money from home using the Internet. One very effective method is by creating 'how to' information products which can you sell from a simple website.
This may sound like a daunting thing to do, but it really is possible for almost anyone, with basic computer skills, to master.
Millions of people go online every day and most of them are looking for information or go on Very often they are searching for very specific information on a particular subject.
You may not realize it, but you probably know a great deal about at least one particular subject (in fact you are probably very knowledgeable about several subjects). Think about your hobbies, your interests or work skills you have learned - you know a vast amount about these and there are lots of people who want to buy this information from you.
So how do you begin?
1: Select Your Subject
The most important step is to decide what you are going to write about. Try to be very focused instead of general in your selection. For example, if you are an expert gardener, do not pick "gardening" as your topic. This is too broad and makes it difficult for your ebook to be noticed. Instead, focus on a particular type of plant or flower. For example, if you know a lot about roses, you could write your book on climbing roses and provide information on all aspects of their cultivation and care. Your book will effectively become an authoritative guide on this topic and will provide very relevant information to the person searching for it.
2: Plan Your Content
When writing 'how to' info products, you have to take a structured approach. But don't worry - this is simple to do and will make the task of writing much easier. Select 8 to 12 headings or topic areas that you can write about on the subject and will provide a complete picture for your reader. Each heading will form a chapter of your book for more helps visit on go to Take each heading in turn and write at least 500 to 600 words.
3: Research Each Topic Thoroughly
Even though you know a lot about your subject, you are likely to have to do some additional research. This will make sure that you are providing accurate information about the topic that will be of real benefit to your readers. This can be time consuming, but when you are interested in your subject, the research should be an enjoyable part of the exercise.
4: Review Your Work
When you have assembled your information into an initial draft document, it is important to take time to carefully review every word and make any changes required. Double check spelling and grammar and read it out loud to make sure it makes sense. It is always good to get someone else to comment on your work, but make sure they will give you candid opinions. It is definitely worth carrying out two or three reviews of the book before you publish.
5: Publishing your eBook
This article cannot go into detail about publishing and marketing your ebook. However, transforming your word processed document into a portable document format (PDF) is easy, using one of the many software programs available on the Internet. Some like CutePDF are free to use, but others containing more features such as Adobe Acrobat must be purchased. Once you have created your PDF document, you will need a simple website or a blog to promote your product, and again there are many resources available online to do this.
Committing your specialist knowledge to paper and creating a simple 'how to' information ebook, is without doubt one of the best ways to make money from home on the Internet.

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